Please see the instructions for your device’s operating system below. If you have been using the same computer for a while, particularly a laptop computer, then you might have had it connected to more printers than you think. Any time that you have had to print something at a hotel, a friend’s house or a client’s office, you might have installed a new print driver. Viewing the installed drivers can help you to get an idea why a printer that you are currently trying to install might be giving your problems.

Besides AMD Noise Suppression, this driver update also brings new OpenGL optimisations, improving performance in games like Minecraft by up to 92%. The driver also improves Radeon Super Resolution compatibility, and adds Valorant, Elden Ring and Resident Evil Village to the list of Radeon Boost supported titles. Like RTX Voice, AMD Noise Suppression removes any unwanted background noise using a deep learning algorithm in real-time. The technology works on both input and output devices in any AMD-powered system. To access it, download the latest AMD Software package, go to Settings, and click on the Audio & Video tab.

Right-click on the monitor and select “Update driver”. Another workaround which worked for users was changing the monitor type from non-generic PnP to PnP. There can be many reasons behind this bug but let’s not get into the details.

Method 1: Use Intel® Driver & Support Assistant to automatically detect and install the driver (Recommended)

The last way to download the drivers is through the official website of the OEM. For this method, you will have to know the brand and the model of the hardware/peripheral your computer has. It can be easy for laptop users because they can get all the drivers from the official website of their laptops. You can select the drivers you want to update.

In Windows 10, you can set active hours to prevent your computer from updating during those hours you are working. In Windows 11, you can set active hours to prevent your computer from updating during those hours you are working. You can configure the computer to automatically update the system firmware using Device Manager.

Update graphics driver on Windows

Restarting the graphics driver is a simple way to fix a graphics driver that has stopped working. It can also be helpful when your display has become unresponsive after long hours of work. After updating your graphics driver, restart your PC for the changes to take effect. Once you are on the desktop, press the “Win + Ctrl + Shift + B” keyboard shortcut.

Download the driver from the official website. In case you don’t have an option to Update the Driver, but there’s a Roll Back Driver option, click on it. This will revert your driver to the previous version. Next, find the Graphics Drivers on the list. Right-click on it and see if there’s an option to Uninstall or Remove the device. If not, then again, link go to the Properties and then the Drivers Tab.

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